Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Classic Textiles


{ Designs by Lucienne Day. L-R: Graphica, Riga, Spectators, Trio. }

The Centre for Advanced Textiles at the Glasgow School of Art offers a commercial digital textile printing service, and, under the name Classic Textiles, reproduces designs from some of the U.K.’s most prominent and influential textile designers. Lucienne Day herself selected the 12 designs for the Centre, which they print (in the original colorways) on a 135cm (about 53 inches) wide cotton/linen blend.

{ Designs by Lucienne Day. L-R: Flotilla, Calyx, Dandelion Clicks, Magnetic. }

{ Designs by Robert Stewart. L-R: Raimult, Kilmun, Striven, Glendaruel, Sun Man. }

Robert Stewart was a student and teacher at the Glasgow School of Art. He designed textiles for Liberty, Donald Brothers, and the Edinburgh Tapestry Company, and later went on to found a ceramics company and create ceramic murals for public places.

{ Designs by Sylvia Chalmers. L-R: Grasses, Fruit, Penang, Uno, Village, Flowerpots. }

The newest designer in the Classic Textiles catalog is Sylvia Chalmers. She was also a student of the Glasgow School of Art who went on to found her own textile printing studio called Tuar Fabrics, and designed fashion prints for Elizabeth Eaton.

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