Tuesday, January 04, 2011


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Via Vogue: NorBlack NorWhite

Amrit Kumar and Mriga Kapadiya were friends but more appropriately sisters.

They spent more time with each other through fun projects they created and produced together. From their first homemade fashion shoots, to shows, pop up sales and styling their artist friends, these two little Indian women who grew up in Toronto, realized their union for similar aesthetics and all things old. Falling in love with each others shawls after realizing they were both wearing their mothers’ pieces, they knew there was something more to this brewing sisterhood. Amrit’s reworked vintage pieces were respected in Toronto and fueled her to keep creating pretty new designs from old gems. Mriga’s love for accessories patterns and vintage kept her style fresh and sparked her wide eyes. Both ladies have created based on what they know and learned through doing and not on what they’ve formally been taught.They shifted toBombay, 2 years ago where they gave birth to NorBlack NorWhite. NorBlack NorWhite is a journey to explore India and its history through textiles, art and adventures. While learning about thèse art trades, regions and people we are excited to create designs and also share the knowledge of ancient practices. This project falls into a grey space of Part anthropology, part art, part fashion.

Each collection will be exploring selected regions that we want to discover further. SpringSummer2011 is created based on the Kutch region of Gujarat. "We focused on bandhani (tie-dye practices) as the heart of this season"

via Vogue

All that is Good

all images are by Virginie Sannier and the pop-up shop was organised by Sandrine from Neëst, items sold were from: cocon, Maize, Madame M, Titlee,Train Fantôme, Céline Saby.

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